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Starring Prithviraj Sukumaran ,Biju Menon,Priya Gor and Miya George
Director Sachy
Producer Rajeev Nair
Distribution Tricolor Entertainment,Usa Indian movies
Released on 13-Nov-2015

Anarkali is a good malayalam romantic film written and directed by Sachy sethu.  It feels a good love story. Prithviraj Sukumaran ,Miya George,Priyal Gor are the main characters in this film. Prithviraj acting on the role of santhanu,he  works on daring diving instructor in Lakshadweep at kawaratti.Biju Menon act as an another important role in this film. Biju Menon also works in Navy, there is a good relation between the characters of Prithviraj and Biju Menon. This combination gives a good entertainer in this film. Sudev Nair, Kabir Bedi and Samskruthy Shenoy appears in supporting roles.The film is mostly covered in kavaratti,Bangaram and Agatti in Lakshadweep.The film is produced by Rajeev Nair.

“Anarkali” gives a good message on the audience, “if the love is true, love stays forever even if there is no relationship between the individuals”.

Anarkali says the story of two young officers shanthanu and sacharia played by prithviraj and biju menon.Prithviraj(shanthanu) falls love in Priya Gor(Nadira). Nadira is the daughter of Rear Admiral Jaffer Imam(Kabir Bedi),so many incidents occuring to change there life. After years,shanthanu arrives at kavaratti as a diving instructor,at the time,sacharia as an system engineer of the island house. this film tells about friendship and love.

Prithviraj done a good job in young navel officer. Prithviraj and Priya Gor has a good chemistry worked on this film. There acting like natural and very impressive.Biju menon shows a tremondous comic with super counters .Miya act as an sherin mathew,medical suprendent in the island.Arun act as prithvi friend.Sudev Nair act as Navy Officer in this film.Samskruthy shenoy as a muslim women in native of the island,she is an MBBS student. Renji Panicker,Major Ravi,Madhpal acted as supporting roles in the whole film.Film climax is full of suspense and creating laugh in theaters.

Anarkali songs are placed on the hit list and it is composed by Vidya sagar.It is a good romantic entertainer.

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