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Archana 31 Not Out (2022) Review

Archana 31 Not Out tells the tale of a 28 years old rural Malayali woman narrated as a school teacher who’s in search for a suitable groom. She has gone through 31 wedding proposals, but not a single one fell into place.

A bold character played by Aishwarya Lekshmi as Archana, goes through a series of life problems from job to her marriage , deals everything by herself , goes through the old kerala marriage concepts and tradition when she finally realise no one is better than herself to choose what’s good for her and she should be the one choosing her groom , not the one who didn’t even saw her once in her lifetime which she refers to an astrologist who said the marriage proposal and groom is perfect ( 8 out of 10 in terms of astrology) , and the groom secretly marriages another girl on the wedding eve so she shatters the old marriage concepts and enjoys the escape from the groom who is not qualified for her.

She passes a solid message on to the cutting edge period that women ought to be sufficiently able to take their on decisions.