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Naalaam Mura

Starring Biju Menon,Guru Somasundaram,Divya Pillai
Director Deepu Anthikkad
Producer Sudheesh Pillai,Kishore Wariyath,Shibu Anthikad
Released on 23-Dec-2022

Naalam Mura is an Indian Malayalam movie directed by Deepu Anthikkad.The movie features Biju Menon and Guru Somasundaram in Naalam Mura as the lead roles with Divya Pillai as the female lead.Alencier Ley Lopez, Alexander Prasanth, Santhi Priya, Sheelu Abraham, Shyam Jacob, Sijoy Varghese, Rishi Suresh, Shivraj, C Joy Varghese, Shivaraj and Vaishakh also play the lead roles.

Naalaam Mura is  an investigative crime thriller movie.Director Deepu has taken a completely different approach to the film. From the beginning to the end, the presentation of the movie keeps the viewer on the edge of excitement.The movie will be released in theaters on December 23rd of 2022.