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Chirstmas Celebrates Movies

Master Piece

Masterpiece is a film directed by Ajay Vasudev, starring Mammootty. The film was released on Thursday in more than 260 theaters. The film is getting good response from audiences. After a long time Mammootty act as a college professor in this movie. The film is based on the good script of the movie. Uday Krishna is scripted by the film. He is expected to become a blockbuster according to figures from the box office. Unni Mukundan, Mukesh, Poonam Bajwa and Varalakshmi Sharat are among the big stars in the film. Masterpiece is one of the most recent films to celebrate Christmas time


The film is directed by Mithun Manual and starring Jayasurya.it’s a funny comedy entertainer like a first part of the   movie Aad oru bheegarajeevi. As in the first part, Shaji Pappan  is highlight of this movie.Dharmajan and Saiju Kurup also in  this film. this movie can make audience laugh out of it.


This film is directed by Pradeep M Nair, starring Prithviraj . The story is an enormous story of Christmas releases. This story tell as hero’s love and ambition about life.  In the movie, Prithvi Raj act as hero. Vimanam is a magnificent movie that you can enjoy in your family at the theater.

Vineeth Sreenivasan & Tovino as the hero in this  movie  Aana alarolodalaral, Mayanathi , came to the theaters to celebrate Christmas