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‘Kakkipada’ movie release has been postponded

The film’s makers postponded the release of the upcoming Niranj Maniyanpilla Raju starrer ‘Kakkipada’ which was scheduled to hit the big screens on December 23 this year.The director Shebi Chowgat officially announced the release date change via his official Facebook handle.He posted on Facebook telling that the movie has been postponded due to some technical hurdles.The name of one of the characters in the film had to be changed as per the demands of the Censor Board. As the name of that specific character is mentioned in many places by other characters, everything had to be re-dubbed.”

The director further mentioned in his Facebook note that some of the actors were staying abroad and had to come back for the re-dub. The film will be only available in the theatres after the re-censor and re-dubbing.