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‘Aadu Thoma’ set to return to theaters after 28 years.

Malayalam Superstar Mohanlal is excited to announce the re-release of his old blockbuster hit movie Spadikam after 28 years.In a Twitter post, he announced the worldwide release of the digitally enhanced version of the movie.

“As your wish, my Adu Thoma, which you have held close to your heart, is releasing again with all the technical enhancements of the new age. Spadikam 4K Atmos will hit theatres worldwide on February 9, 2023. On a Thursday like this 28 years ago, you embraced Adu Thoma,” he tweeted.

Adu Thoma is the main character in Spadikam movie. The film was first released in 1995 and became a huge blockbuster at the box office.The signature style of Mohanlal’s character using his dhoti as a weapon of sorts in street fights were a huge hit with the masses at the time.