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Role Models

Starring Fahad Faazil, Namitha Pramod, Sharafudheen ,Renji Panicker
Director Rafi
Producer G P Vijaykumar
Released on 25-Jun-2017

Role Models is a Malayalam movie starring Fahadh and Namitha Pramod in the lead role. The movie written and directed by Rafi. G P Vijaykumar produced the movie under banner of Seven Arts. Gopi Sunder composed the Music and Cinematography by Shamdat Sainudheen.

The movie tells the story of a group of people who are friends from their college life. Fahadh playing the central character Gautham in the movie. Subuhan (Vinay Forrt), Rexy (Sharaffudheen), Jyothish (Vinayakan), Sreya (Namitha), and Christina (Srinda) are the college friends of Gautham. Gautham’s parents are professors in the same college,and they are try to separate Gautham from his friends as they believe that this friendship spoils his future. But after their college life all of them have a reunion except Sreya who is in Goa. So They go Goa to see her and What happens next has been narrated in an interesting way.